July 31, 2020

Let's face it, I don't care if you're the most positive person in the world, and a rainbow literally follows you around on a daily basis, we all have bad days.  No one's lives are sunshine and rainbows 365 days out of the year.   Sometimes maintaining a positive mindset can be a bit of a struggle.  For me, being an entrepreneur and working from home, I spend pretty much my entire day by myself, which I personally love!  Hence, The Lone Wolf Collection:)  However, some days when I'm just not feeling it, I can be super hard on myself, and it can be pretty hard to get myself out of that funk.
I've acquired a few words of wisdom and tips along my entrepreneurship slash self-help journey that may sound cheesy, but I swear, they really work.  I wanted to share a few with you.  And side note, this is not just for entrepreneurs.   This is for EVERYONE!
How to write a vision board from Turquoise and Tobacco 


#1: WRITE A VISION BOARD.  I swear, all of mine have COME TRUE!  The outcomes may have been slightly different than what I initially wrote, but the basic intention came true.  I truly believe everything happened the way it was supposed to.  Write out a list of the top things you want in your life, and write them as if they have already happened.  For example: I'm living in my first house: an adorable Spanish Bungalow by the beach.  Which by the way, yes, I wrote this, and yes, now it has happened: The Blanco Bungalow:) Put this list in a place where you see it everyday, like your fridge, your bulletin board, in your office etc.


How to Write a Vision Board from Turquoise and Tobacco


#2: MAKE A LIST OF YOUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS.  This might be hard at first to write, and you probably don't want this on your fridge when your friends come over, but honestly, I do and I don't care anymore:)  This is one of the best things to do.  Whenever I'm doubting myself, doubting if I can reach those goals on my vision board, this is what supports it.  Like I gave birth to a human, I paid off my car myself and now I own it, I quit my day job and started my own business!  Whatever it may be that you're most proud of, write that shit down, and be proud!



#3: WRITE A LIST OF YOUR NICHES.  I love this one, because as a creative, I can sometimes get in that mindset where it feels like everything has been done before, and has probably been done better, so why would anyone want what I'm creating or selling, and that imposter syndrome starts to creep on in.  Whatever those limiting beliefs are that you tell yourself, this can talk you out of it, and help you hone back in to what it is you do best, and what makes you special. It also brings you back to your core beliefs and your core values.  Like for me, I have three categories on my list: Turquoise and Tobacco Jewelry, Interior Design, and Sales.  Here's what I have under Turquoise and Tobacco: My Niche is Turquoise, Modern Bohemian Jewelry, I'm a woman owned business, and all of my jewelry is handmade in Los Angeles. 



#4: POST POSITIVE MANTRAS. One might laugh if they walked into my office and saw a giant sign that said "Money flows freely and easily to Me" posted at the top of my bulletin board, but yes, it's there.  Whatever limiting beliefs that you may have, create or find a positive mantra that disproves that belief, and post it somewhere where you see it daily.  For me, I've always had a limiting belief around money. I didn't realize it until a few years ago, but I've never truly believed that I can be wealthy or that I deserve to be wealthy.  There's always been this negative stigma surrounding money, like that it was bad or dirty.  Without knowing it, I adopted these limiting beliefs.  It's helped me work through this, by putting up these positive mantras about money, because money is not a bad thing.  It's not bad to want to live comfortably and to not have to struggle.


#5: 5 MINUTE JOURNALING. This is my last tip and probably one of the most important.  I do this every morning in my Morning Rituals journal, but you can do this in any journal.  I like this one because it's guided and super brief and it gets my mindset right first thing every morning.  And especially since I haven't made time to mediate or do yoga like I used to, I can do this right when I wake up before I even get out of bed.  I take 5 minutes and set my intention for the day, and list out some action steps that will support this intention.  I swear it's a game changer.  And at night, I do 5 minute Gratitude Journaling.  I take a few minutes and write down everything I'm grateful for whether it be in life or in my day.



And that's it!  Hopefully something in there helped you because it's helped me.  Please reach out if you have any tips you'd like to share, I would love to hear from you!  Comment Below, Email Me, or DM me on Insta.

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