11:11, MAKE A WISH

August 13, 2020


So what does it mean anyway?


11:11 Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold, White Diamonds  

For what seems like forever now, I've been seeing 11:11 pretty much every day.  I've always known that it's a good omen, and that if you see it, it’s a sign from the Universe that you’re on the right path.  However, I never knew all of the magical hidden meanings behind this auspicious number.


11:11 Necklace, 14k Yellow Gold and Diamonds


The number 1 in numerology indicates a fresh start.  It's a sign for you to break free from the expectations of others and express your independence and individuality. 1, is a karmic number of leadership, meaning it’s time to become goal-oriented and become a leader. It’s also time to take a risk.  There is no more time for self-doubt. Create a path that feels true to you and release any hesitation.

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Number 11 is the symbol of divine partnership. It asks you to reflect on your current relationships.  Are they in perfect harmony?  11 is a reflection, a state of balance.  It symbolizes two beings standing in perfect harmony with equal reciprocity.   This number calls you to stand in your full spiritual essence when connecting with others.  For relationships to be emotionally successful, you must first be in perfect harmony with yourself.  Tune into the divinity within you and reconnect with your core values, beliefs, and motivations.  



111 is the message of sacred creation, meaning that you have specific talents that only you possess, and those talents are ready to be shared with the world. Part of your spiritual journey is perfecting those gifts, and finding joy in the process.  By pursuing your gifts in a playful happy way, this activates your heart chakra, and this naturally opens you up to the hearts of those around you.  Your creative spark is a source of inspiration and connection to the spiritual realm.  As you tune back into your original gifts, you’ll notice a heightened emotional sensitivity and begin to receive intuitive insight to help you spiritually grow.

Community and Social connections should be nurtured when you see this number.  Your gifts were meant to be shared with those around you, and when sharing your gifts, the Universe lets you know you're on the right path, your path.

You may also be called to awaken to new talents when you see this number.


11:11 Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace  11:11 Necklace, 14k Yellow Gold & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 11:11 Necklace, 14k Yellow Gold & Rubies11:11 Yellow Gold + Diamond Necklace 

1111 is one of the most sacred number signatures in numerology.  

When you make a wish at 11:11, your spiritual desires can manifest instantly into the physical dimension.  

An energetic portal opens up every time you see this number, and keeping your spirits high and energy-positive will help you tune into this energy.

11:11 is also a sign that you are in full spiritual alignment, it's a message from the Universe that you are a spiritual healer, energy worker, and intuitive soul.

All you have to do is have faith and trust that what is meant for you is on it's way.

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Wisdom shared from Moon Omens.  I personally receive their daily affirmations via email, and I highly recommend them!




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