September 14, 2020

Creating space in small spaces, eliminating clutter, and creating a calm clean environment where our creativity can flow.
You're probably spending a lot more time at home lately.  Your home or apartment might be doubling as your office, classroom, playroom, gym and more. Those walls might be starting to majorly close in, I know mine are!  After living in our home for over two years, I still feel like I haven't unpacked.  Half of my clothes and shoes are still in the garage, my drawers have been bursting at the seams, and our closets are so tiny I can't make of sense of where to put anything.  So add all of that added chaos on top of clutter and disorganization, and that's a recipe for some major stress.
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Blanco Bungalow Organization Project with The Container Store
For my own sanity, I decided to start tackling one project at a time.  
My first project, my drawers.  I've heard that the first thing you look at when you wake up shapes your day.  So if I'm waking up every day looking at piles of clothes, overflowing drawers, and clothes on the floor, my day is going to be chaotic, disorganized and stressful.  I'm probably butchering that, but I think you get the gist.  
First things first, dump it all out.
Blanco Bungalow Drawer Organization Project
Marie Kondo was right when she said, "If it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it".  However, I know I'm borderline hoarder when it comes to my clothes, so my philosophy is if I HATE it or if it doesn't fit right, it goes bye bye.
Blanco Bungalow Drawer Organization Project
I also think by now I can safely say that I've vetted all drawer organizers that are currently on the market.  From cedar, to plastic, to expandable, to modular.  The cedar ones stained my clothes, and made my drawer feel like a log cabin.  The modular ones never fit quite right in my drawers, leaving extra space that I could not afford to waste.  
Blanco Bungalow Drawer Organizing Project
The best ones I think are the plastic expandable ones from The Container Store.  They pretty much fit every drawer and don't leave any inch wasted.
Blanco Bungalow Closet Organization with Container Store
And good folding is a must.  I will admit Marie Kondo got me all inspired a while back with her folding method, but I found that I couldn't really see my items and it was really hard to maintain, so I figured out a method that would work for me.
Plus I used to be a corporate trainer at Abercrombie back in the day, so years of teaching 16 year olds how to fold has given me some serious skills:)
Blanco Bungalow Closet Organization
Now it's time to put it all back in.
Blanco Bungalow Closet Organization Project
And viola!
Blanco Bungalow Closet Organization Project
By decluttering your space, you declutter your mind, and when you declutter your mind, you can better focus in on your intentions, manifestations and reduce stress.
Blanco Bungalow Drawer Organization Project
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